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John Folkers, Union Councillor PPWC Local 5, and our Friend

February 8, 1957 – June 1, 2021

By Todd Smith

What constitutes a good man? Maybe human decency.

What constitutes a great man? I believe, passion.

In John, we lost a peer, a mentor, a union brother, a friend. John stood up for others, his sleepless nights, his constant and consistent loyalty to a fault.

John’s mission was to help and defend people rights, humans rights… He fought for a fair world in which he absolutely believed.

You don’t get much thanks for that type of work and stress. John fixed and cared about things that most nobody knew, he always fought with a ferocity that was humbling to who he defended and intimidating to the accuser.

He also wore the pain, frustration and loss when he couldn’t help. He cared deeply about family, about people, he cared about you.

Our sympathies go out for Amy, John’s boys and his family. The PPWC lost a great man, actually COVID stole.

John Folkers we grieve.

In Solidarity,

Todd Smith
First Vice President, Public and Private Workers of Canada



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