A Union is the Better Way Forward

Joining a labour union is one of the best and influential decisions a worker can make in his or her life. Unions have a long history of protecting the rights of workers, fighting for social justice and equality, and bettering the working lives of millions of Canadians.

The Union Advantage for You and Your Family

The long-term benefits of becoming a member of a union are enormous. Statistics show that in Canada, workers have far better working conditions, an average of 29% higher pay, superior benefits and pensions, longer paid vacation time, and safer and more democratic and egalitarian workplaces.

This so-called “union advantage” is even higher for women, People of Colour, persons with special needs, and part-time employees.

A Union Based on Progressive Values and Democracy

The Constitution of the PPWC is structured to maximize rank-and-file participation in national and local union affairs. Our annual convention is held with delegates from each PPWC local, proportional to the number of local union members. Resolutions to amend the Constitution and promote social causes or political positions are vigorously debated and voted on.

Why PPWC Local 26?

PPWC Local 26 is a truly democratic, independent and grassroots union, where your voice will be heard. Workers’ interests are better served inside Local 26, where you and your co-workers are represented in the workplace and at the bargaining table.

PPWC Local 26 believes that working people in Castlegar and throughout British Columbia deserve better. When people come together and want to make a difference, they isn’t anything they can’t do. As the old saying goes: “United we stand strong.”

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