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The PPWC – Employer Trusteed Health & Welfare Plan (the Plan) was established in 1977 to provide benefits for eligible union members and their families. The Plan was created through the efforts and cooperation of your union and employer. Today, the Plan also provides benefits to employees employed by the PPWC National Office and Nanaimo Forest Products Ltd.

The Plan operates under the supervision and guidance of a Board of Trustees, equally represented by the union and employers. The duties, responsibilities and authority of the Trustees are spelled out in the Trust Agreement.

The cost of the Plan is shared between you and your employer. All full-time employees subject to the jurisdiction of the Collective Agreements, as well as the above noted nonunion employees, are covered and contribute by payroll deduction. The Plan is referred to in the Collective Agreements under Article XV Welfare Plan and Exhibit “B” Welfare Plan and Appendix “2” Long Term Disability Plan Summary.

This booklet contains a description of your basic life, accidental death and dismemberment, weekly indemnity (non-occupational accident and sickness), and long term disability benefits as of the most recently negotiated Collective Agreement. A separate booklet is available from your employer for the extended health and dental benefits. Additional information is available on the Medical Services Plan of British Columbia through your Plan Administrator or on their website.

The information in this booklet has been prepared to give you an informal summary of the main features of your basic insurance program. This booklet is not an insurance policy, and does not grant or confer any contractual rights. The final determination of any claim, question or issue which may arise shall be governed by the applicable legislation and provisions of the Collective Agreement, Trust Agreement, and the Plan Text (in this order).

The Trustees urge you to read this booklet carefully in order to understand your benefits and rights to them. If you have any questions regarding your benefits, you should contact your employer, or your health and welfare committee.

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