Duties & Responsibilities

Duties and Responsibilities of PPWC Officials.


The officers of the Local Union shall include the following:

Executive Board

The Executive Board of Local No. 26 shall include the following:

Grievance Committee

(Vice President + 2 Members)


Negotiating Committee

(President, Vice President, 3 Members + 1 alternative)


Positions and Duties


  1. Chairperson for all membership meetings.
  2. Ex-officio member of all committees.
  3. One of the signing officers.
  4. Oversees and maintains the smooth and efficient operation of all aspects of the Local organization.
  5. When a vacancy occurs in any office or position of the Local Union, sees that such vacancy is filled at the earliest possible date and may, if the situation warrants, appoint any member to fill that position until an election is held. If appointment is in a non-elective position, such appointment shall be ratified at the first membership meeting following the appointment.
  6. Delegates duties of any Officer or member and receives reports, either oral or written, on the progress of such duties.
  7. Shall see that the Constitution is upheld at all times.
  8. Shall see that the By-Laws of the Local Union are not violated.


  1. Shall take over the duties of the President when he/she is absent or otherwise incapable of carrying out his/her duties.
  2. Shall act as Chairperson of all Executive and membership meetings in the absence of the President.
  3. Shall assist the President at all times in the carrying out of the Local’s business.
  4. Shall be a signing officer.
  5. Shall be Chair of Grievance Committee and considered Chief Job Steward.

Financial Officer

  1. Shall receive, record and deposit all monies received by the Local Union.
  2. Shall receive and pay all vouchers and bills and maintain an accurate account of the same.
  3. Shall, when called upon, give an account of all monies belonging to the Local.
  4. Shall turn over to the Trustees all accounts for the purpose of auditing (semi-annually).
  5. Shall set up and maintain an accurate recording of all monetary transactions of the Local Union.
  6. Shall ensure all check-off cards are turned in to the Company immediately upon receipt of same.
  7. Shall prepare and have read a monthly written financial statement for all membership meetings.
  8. Shall maintain an accurate filing of all membership cards.
  9. Shall be a signing officer.

Recording/Corresponding Secretary

  1. Shall keep accurate minutes of all motions and their disposition.
  2. Make brief notes on pertinent points of reports.
  3. Be prompt in sending out letters and correspondence which he/she has been instructed to act on by the Local.
  4. Maintain office and filing systems in good order.
  5. Shall be responsible for posting all notices and distributing all correspondence to the departments.
  6. Shall distribute copies of minutes of all membership meetings to all shop stewards.


(3 Members)

  1. Have supervision over all funds and property of the Local Union, subject to such instructions as they may receive from time to time from the Local Union.
  2. Shall see that the signing officers shall be bonded in the amount sufficient to thoroughly protect the funds of the Local Union by a recognized Surety Company approved by the Local Union.
  3. Shall see that the Financial Officer deposits all monies in such banking institution as the Local Union may decide and that he/she also deposits all bonds, notes or other securities in a safety deposit box in said banking institution.
  4. Shall examine the bank books monthly and see that all monies have been properly deposited and, at the close of each quarter, secure verification by the banking institution of entries therein.
  5. Shall see that the Local Union=s books are audited annually by a Chartered Accountant or Certified General Accountant approved by the Local Union.
  6. Shall have power to summon any Officer or member to explain the condition of his/her records or any discrepancy that may appear therein, and any Officer or member so summoned shall be required to turn over to the Trustees all papers, records, books and property belonging to the Local Union demanded by them.
  7. Shall be responsible for the conducting of all elections and referendum balloting.


(2 Members)

  1. Shall be their duty to take charge of the doors at meetings to see that all present are entitled to remain.
  2. Shall introduce candidates and attend to visiting members at regular membership meetings.
  3. Shall not permit the entrance of any unauthorized person or persons, nor any person under the influence of intoxicating liquor.
  4. Shall assist the Chairperson in preserving order.
  5. Shall remove from the meeting any person so ordered by the Chairperson of the meeting.
  6. Shall escort and introduce all visitors to the Chairperson.

National Executive Board (NEB) Member

(1 Member + 1 Alternate)

  1. Shall attend and represent the Local at all National Executive Board meetings.
  2. Shall report on all activities of the National Executive Board.
  3. Shall be one of the delegates to the annual National Convention.
  4. Shall be a member of the Local Executive Board.
  5. Shall ensure the alternate NEB member attend at least one (1) NEB meeting either with or in place of the NEB member.

Chief Shop Steward

  1. Shall be Chairperson of all shop steward meetings.
  2. Shall keep an up-to-date list of all shop stewards throughout the campuses.
  3. Shall coordinate the duties of the shop stewards.
  4. Shall maintain an educational program for the shop stewards.
  5. Shall be a member of the Local Executive Board.

Health and Safety Committee Chairperson

  1. Shall be Chairperson of the Union Health and Safety Committee.
  2. Shall be responsible for the health and safety education of the Local.
  3. Shall be responsible for all matters of health and safety pertaining to the Local.
  4. Shall be a member of the Local Executive Board.