About Us

The Public and Private Workers of Canada is a proudly democratic union that includes thousands of workers throughout the province.

Local 26 of the Public and Private Workers of Canada supports its members at Selkirk College in British Columbia.

Executive Members

Also see the list of our members serving on committees.

Title Name Extension
President Rod Fayant 21372
Vice President Niki Menard 21417
Recording / Corresponding Secretary Nadya Sofonoff 21429
Financial Officer Robin Gilbertson 21471
National Executive Board Member Niki Menard  21417
NEB Alternate Amy Walters  21330
Health and Safety Officers Niki Menard (Disability / Education)  21417
Terry Balyk (WCB / Worksafe BC) 11339
Stewards Niki Menard (Chief Shop Steward) 21417
Tracy King 21513
Larry Perepolkin  13285
Trustees Gerald Lightburn 21217
Susan Kanigan 21217
Amy Walters 21330
Wardens Amy Walters 21330
Susan Kanigan 21217


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